Paul Houlihan.

  • COMPANY: Double Jump Communications
  • ROLE: Business Director
    Getting started in esports

    Dave Harris, Managing Director – Guinevere Capital

    Nick Vanzetti, Managing Director – Electronic Sports League (ESL)

    Daniel Ringland, Head of E Sports – Riot Games

    If you’re interested in understanding the potential of esports in Australia, or looking to invest in the industry as a potential marketing channel this panel of experts will provide insights into this global phenomenon.
    Esports is big business, and is at a tipping point. In five short years, competitive tournaments have graduated from trestle tables in community halls, to being played in world-class stadiums for big prize money and broadcast to tens of millions of cheering fans.
    Major sporting franchises and administrators (such as Man City / the NBA) are buying up assets and creating leagues to capitalise on the growth, and reach into untapped markets. It presents brands with a window of opportunity to build long-term associations and assets at relatively low cost.
    LA will win the 2024 or 2028 Olympic games, and have already committed to having esports included as a demonstration sport to connect millennials to the Olympics. Esports can be an extremely important ingredient to reach engaged audiences, and presents enormous opportunities for non endemic brands.
    ·  Understanding the esports landscape
    ·  How your brand can innovate through esports
    ·  How to connect with engaged audiences through content and customer experiences at events