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  • COMPANY: HooZu
  • ROLE: Co-Founder

    Influencers, Athletes and Ambassadors


    Simon Barratt – Director of Marketing and Products – Three Crowns Media Group, Former Head of Sports Marketing, Red Bull.

    Mark Jones – Managing Director – The Sports Group


    Athletes, ambassadors and influencers are a great way to authentically communicate your brand to a target audience, but how do you make it work for you? and what makes a “great” partnership.


    Marketers must align with athletes who can authentically represent their brand in a meaningful way. Celebrity endorsement is no longer enough. The marketers who understand their audience and partner with the right athletes to deliver the right integrated content will reap the rewards. For marketers and athletes alike the opportunity is immense, but navigating through this new world of algorithms, content, aggregation and social influence will not be easy. Former Red Bull Head of Sport Marketing Simon Barratt leads a panel of athlete’s and industry experts to explore the ins and out of influencer partnerships, giving insight and ideas on how to maximise your brands association with influencers.


    1. Learn how to benchmark your athlete partnerships by understanding an Athletes motivation for success.

    2. Understand how to create a meaningful relationship that will elevate your brand association with social influencers.

    3. Create value from your athlete partnerships through bespoke content that truly engages your audience.