Jodie Koning.

  • COMPANY: Radium One
  • ROLE: Marketing Director – APAC

    How data and technology can be utilised to grow and engage sporting tribes


    Cameron Honey, GM Commercial Development – Football Federation Australia

    Noah Abelson, Co-founder & CEO – Shareroot

    Natalie Giddings, Partner – The Remarkables Group

    Dr Peter Steidl, Principle – Neurothinking


    With the help of a panel of experts and an experienced moderator, we will explore how brands and sporting groups can exploit technology and data to grow and engage with their loyal ‘tribes’ in the digital world.


    Genuine connections

    Technology has made us more connected than ever before – so why are many of us feeling so disconnected – an interesting juxtaposition! This societal trend is at the heart of why consumer ‘tribes’ are becoming more pronounced than ever. People are feeling the need to connect and engage in a more authentic way, with people who share genuine passions, values or interests. Marketing leaders are embracing this – think Nike, Style Runner, Dove and the emergence of fitness entrepreneur – Kayla Itsines (with over 6.8m Instagram followers).

    The great news is that sport, with passion at its centre, is in the box seat to capitalise on this growing human need to reconnect authentically, around things that matter to them. Even better is that engaged tribes can be monetised by sporting organisations and their loyal sponsors.

    Thanks to technology, the tribal experience now encompasses more than ever before, giving teams and sponsors more opportunities to connect and engage, that exist well beyond the stadium and broadcast. Exciting news for some, but overwhelming for others.

    • Why harnessing tribal movements is becoming more important than ever
    • How brands and sporting teams & associations can grow and engage with their loyal ‘tribes’ in the digital world; looking at topics such as: social media, content sharing, dark social, influencer marketing and digital partnerships
    • The neuro-science behind tribal movements
    • Fan-generated content – how it can be used to further engage tribes
    • Teams that are doing it well and lessons we can glean
    • Generating a ROT (Return On Tribes)