Does your Brand Need An App?

Mobile apps can lead to big profit if done well, but not every business should go down that road without a detailed strategy. MSM2017 Speaker Bernie Johnson, Director of digital agency Adrenalin explains the success of the Supercars app that’s put downloaders in the driver’s seat…

Are apps crucial for some businesses to stay relevant in their industry?

According to a study by Localytics 1 in 4 users abandon an app after one use. Apps should only be created if they truly provide value that is otherwise unavailable to a brand’s customers. The app market is saturated and unless an app can improve an experience, increase efficiency or in some way genuinely improve a customer’s experience the likelihood is that the app will be downloaded, then not used or deleted shortly after. They can be crucial for some businesses but they not a necessity to every digital strategy.

Your client Supercars created an app to bring the on-track excitement to life, how did they achieve this?

A mobile app was the next natural step in the digital strategy. The app is the result of extensive UX research and user testing amongst Supercars fans. The connected digital eco-system the app sits within, allows fans to seamlessly traverse between the Supercars website, social channels, videos on demand and a live 3D car tracker within the app while they watch the race live on television. This extension of the Supercars brand and additional information enriches the user experience and keeps audiences glued to the action even between races. The app has features such as customisable push notifications for driver and team specific news which means fans can keep engaged and the app remains relevant in the time between race weekends.

Why is the app a success?

Although fans can access driver information, news and video-on-demand via their mobile devices on the fully responsive website, Supercars recognised the additional value that a dedicated app would afford its viewers. Supercars saw a gap in the market to provide never seen before access to the races. Audiences are becoming accustomed to choosing what they view and how so features such as the live 3D car tracker enable fans to view more than what the telecaster shows, putting them ‘in the driving seat’ of their viewing experience.

 Supercars is constantly pushing to be at the forefront of digital in the sports and major events sector. This involves continual improvement and exploration to remain at the cutting edge of technology. 

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